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Re-Sale Retail

Hi friends hope y'all are well when this message reaches you. As I open up more avenues for other designers to be able to sell their products, I also want to offer my customers and opportunity to purchase things that have inspired me to continue to create the N3W HollyWood brand to be revolutionized and keep them fresh so that our children have a direction, our future have a direction.

So I'll be selling some pieces from my personal wardrobe over the years, some vintage, some designer, some small brands and all at extremely low prices, and each one will have its own story. I get a chance to retell/ resell my retail story.

Happy shopping!!!

I had an ex-boyfriend of mine who told me I shouldn't buy clothes from the thrift store because the other peoples souls were in them. I explain to him that's exactly what I like about them. Somebody had a story in this look, where did they go, what did they do, who did they see? I always challenge myself to find my own style within those looks, that's how I got into designing. Some things I left completely the same but others had to be altered to fit my personality, to fit my style, to fit my physique. That's what I kinda became known for which that became my style signature style always have custom fit, sheek clothes or baggy if that was the style of going for. Always creating a look from a genre that may have never seen before, only experienced it through art, music, movies and some television.

Having a style requires that you collect the things in your life that make you happy, not just what's on trend. Is it the colors that make you feel free or is it the feel? Is it the fit , either way, I encourage others to find their style. Hope you find something on the website that attributes to yours. Happy holidays. Happy shopping!!!

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