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The Good Black Man pt1

Thank you all for going along on this journey with me as I continue to uncover more about life and what's important and how's it all connected. God choose a Good Black Man. I wonder what man him good, and how would i recognize one in 2024. So I started doing a little research and came to find out that most men are use to being cared for by their mothers; when giving to the father to be taught how to be a man he is then left to girlfriends and wives to take care of him along the way. I didn't grow up seeing a lot of husbands, either the women I knew didn't know how to properly love a black man or she simply didn't want to. So I had to learn on my own; by way of friendships, interviews, dating, and relationships. You get to see what makes a good black man, and instantly it's your job becomes that, so he can return the love and care for him. (Especially if you are in your feminine energy).

I constantly see online folks bashing, posting and making videos of all the bad things about Black Man I wanted to create a lil space to show you love.

Know that you are appreciated by black womenfolk even when our hurt doesn't allow us to show you in ways that you can relate. Read up on us in a book I found, called The Black Man's Guide to the Black Woman. All becomes clearer and you are able to decide whether you want to apply pressure of leave us alone. And ways to do it as not to shake her confidence or yours. We are here to lift each other up. My daughter says I am vintage, but I've seen what it could look be and look like to have love again for black families, their economy and their culture.

This type of love isn't made online or through casual encounters, but through true connection and the best way to connect to a man is through touch. Loving and appreciating his body. His instrument that gets him through work days most women couldn't even imagine. Rubbing his hands with the King Kreme whipped Shea cream would rejuvenate his hands after a long day of making money for the Queen. I've used only natural ingredients in all the recipes for The Good Black Man body care line, vegan products.

After the hot shower where he washes his face and lips with the body scrubs, Lightskin Lover or Mr Mocha. He gets out and you are ready to rub his beard with the Fool's Gold Beard oil. Created by a talented cosmetologist who specializes in natural hair products. This is the type of touching that will get both of you in better moods. Just this simple thing that will leave him feeling loved and cared for.

Make him a cup of tea; using the Organic Loose tea leaves and herbal mixture. Each one has 100% natural ingredients and some with CBD products for a real calming effect in the Chill. The Remedy is a good way to get vitamins and supplements in your Good black man. Keeping him healthy on the inside is important for him and the family that he supports. These are small batches to keep a balanced blend of the various types of herbs. If you're choosing Black Love Tea for the night know that you may be more than you bargained for. Rosebud and hibiscus based black tea helps increase blood flow through the body.

Doing these small things, will get the results you desire from your Good Black Man. Check out the product lines and leave feedback. Even to the post. I would love to know what other ways you feel loved as a black man. Or ladies how do you show your Good Man love. (Keep it clean, for the other readership, thanks, respectfully)

(The products were man by black women who love black men. )

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