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Now Hiring!!!

Models Needed

Great to hear that you're interested. We will be holding online auditions for our next few projects!

To ensure that we find the perfect fit for our brands, it's important to communicate the requirements needed to make a great N3W HOLLYWOOD model:

  • 3 Photos or Social Media Handel,

  • a live or pre-recorded runway walk,

  • Email and/ or contact information.

  • Location and willingness to travel. Additionally, consider any other important details

. Good luck with your auditions!

Interns Needed

Are you a fashion fanatic with a passion for sewing and photography? Do you have online experience and dream of working at a fashion house in the Atlanta Metro area? Look no further! We have the perfect opportunity for you! You'll be needed for vendor space setup and take down, photoshoot preparation and set work, and fashion show preparation. Let's work together to make your fashion dreams come true!

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