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Hurdles and Obstacles

I try to assume that everyone has hurdles and obstacles that they go through on a daily basis so that my challenges don't seem so unique and I haven't understanding that it's just a matter of thinking and go around. I also believe the challenges are put in front of us to see how we will pass certain tests. We see how God is challenging us to really reach our full potential in situations that are meant to slow us down or stop us if we're not really interested in the gold/ goal.

Today I am grateful for jumping over hurdles that I did not know that I could for going through obstacle courses that were meant to kill and destroy my sensibility, my confidence, and God's plan for my life. As this platform continues to grow and expand and present more designers and new models and new challenges will inevitably come but because I've been a good steward of the previous challenges, I believe God will see me through.

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