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Connecting the Dots -Pt 1

As my growth in this entrepreneurial journey continues. I start to draw the connections of where I fell in love with design and fashion. Was it a trauma response, level of escapism or was it a skill that I had truly developed over the years. Was it really a passion of mine or was it just the best thing that I could be good at in a house full of people saying that you weren't good at anything.

To leave the negative talk, I would always get well dressed and leave the house. Undoubtedly, someone would make a comment on something about my outfit. At first, when I only knew negativity, I would think what was being said was negative; as I've gotten older, I realize the general public was congratulating me on my sense of style. By even noticing me. The whole world is caught up with themselves and going out our your way to make a positive impression was rare to me. After I turn the leaned in to the comments and finally saw them as the compliments they were intended to be. I then realize, I did have a talent, as skill that not everyone has, so then I went for this and I started to pursue the next level by going to fashion school, as my family would call it, taking the classes and working on my skills.

Tragedy struck our family and it shut down my momentum. Depression, addiction, anxiety and lack of focus took me out of the game for many years. But now with time, and a renewed sense of purpose I'm designing everyday. Creating my new life, career, reality.

I've always liked the idea of deconstructing garment and turning it into something completely unique, very few people see past with the eye is showing them. I've been able to connect the dots.

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