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Through the fire

Thank you so much to everyone who came to all least one of the pop-ups has been doing over the last four weeks.

This blog post is really just to talk about what I’ve learned how I’ve grown since taking on the physical space and being able to meet with customers directly. Gave my ideas a lot more clarity and fruition about what this looks like. Not just online but in the physical space.

Week one-I went in with a little bit of understanding, but not a full, knowing so my set up was very basic. I didn’t realize how much lighting I would need and how important it was make sure that your signage is visible, and that people can see you from on the other side of the venue. A customer came by and told me I had the steak. It just wasn’t sizzling loud enough for other people to notice it. I always appreciate positive feedback. I hear the word and I took action.

Week two- got a chance for me to really spread out, I had to bring in the proper fixturing, just the right the amount and proper lighting. Seems as though everything else I already had. This set up had to be a lot more sizzling. I took time to figure out how I could create a boutique, that people would want to shop. I begged and borrowed items from friends and family to create space that I wanted to have. I was super thrilled with the results this week.

Week three - the location was the same but the space got bigger which meant I had an opportunity to spread out. It’s was really an expand upon what I was already doing just being offered the opportunity to have more space. I felt more comfortable engaging and created a mini dressing room area for people to try on my beautiful creations.

Week four - was bittersweet knowing that my time at bonfire ATL was coming to a close. My set up was still very lively by the end. Practice doesn’t make perfect, but it will always make you better. That final week I got opportunity to show all aspects of what N3W HollyWood is all about; a multimedia design platform for artists to showcase clothing for men, women, and unisex. Flower Child Children’s Clothing, designed by my 11 year old daughter and friends for girls 9-15. Our home furnishings collection through ZKS home edition. The loose leaf teas and skincare products from The Good Black Man skin care collection. HoneeHeels shoes, which are handcrafted boots and shoe designs.

I really appreciate bonfire ATL for hosting my pop-up for four weeks and allowing me to get my designs out to the public direct and being able to meet some amazing amazing people, potential clients and forever friends of .

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